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Welcome to the Spring Yoni Temple, for a Womb Activation!


As spring slowly sets in, this powerful burst of new life invites us to come back to the outside and show up!

It is a new cycle that begins, a rebirth after a season spent in our cocoon, infusing the lessons learned during the previous year.


Now is the time to open up to share with the world what has emerged from this time of integration.


It's also the MOST creative time of the year, when we give birth to our dreams, when we create our reality and manifest the life we ​​desire.


This is an invitation for an evening to slow down, to be in sisterhood, to honor our Yoni (matrix) and to discover the Yoni Steam, a gentle ritual to nourish and heal this sacred space within us. A moment for oneself, to let go of what is no longer needed and give birth to our inner Creatrix! 

Yoni Temple - a Womb Activation

By MoonSistars + Embodied Feminine

Friday May 26

6:30pm - 9:30pm (East)

   3:30pm - 6:30pm (Pacific)

in the confort of your home on Zoom

A woman who has awakened to her primordial life energy is in connexion with the abundance in her body and her womb. She is then empowered to consciously activate it herself.


This naturally creates a vibration of abundance and prosperity throughout her whole body, belly and energy field.


When rooted in this vibration and living from her heart & belly in total connexion with the life force energy flowing freely through her, she is naturally a magnet for all experiences of abundanc


Everything we see on the outside is a manifestation and reflection of our inner landscape.


If we create a life out of outdated patterns, behaviors and wounds, we will only create that. Scarcity and lack, all accumulate in the primal portal of the life-giving womb.


When we look within to see, clear and release these outdated programs and limitations, we are able to embody our natural state of consciousness, abundance and wealth.

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You are the Portal.

The Bridge between the worlds.

You are the Doorway to creation.

Your belly creates and gives birth to your wildest and most prosperous wishes, dreams and desires.


Join us in a circle for a sacred ceremony as we activate our wealth codes and energies in our wombs, and create abundant magical realities through the portal of your truth.


We have brewed up a powerful but gentle Ritual for you, to celebrate our creative matrix and take care of it, with a YONI STEAM (vaginal steam bath or Bajo), an ancestral Mayan practice during which a woman squats or sits on an herbal infusion steam bath.


This self-love ritual relieves the body and stomach of all stress, tension and stagnation by increasing circulation and energy flow, allowing us to nourish our womb & gently let go of everything that is holding us back & reach our true potential.

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Menu for the night :

- Embodiment Meditation guided by Marina

- Ritual and Womb Activation guided by Claire d'eau

 (Releasing the imprints of the womb, Activation of our inner fire, Womb Alchemy/Womb activation, Integration)

Note : The Steam Bath Ritual will take place in the safe space of your home, you don’t have to be naked, everyone will be comfortably wrapped in their cocoon under a blanket. For this part of the ritual, you can chooses to close your camera to feel more comfortable if needed. 

What is included :

- A 3 hour online Women's Circle & Ritual 

- A complete guide to the Art of Yoni Steam (everything you need to create your own rituals)

- A special Womb Activation Blend of organic herbs for steaming directly deliver to your mailbox

is this for you ?

This workshop is for all women, menstruating or menopausal, who want to (re) - connect with their body, their creative matrix and take care of this sacred space within them.



When a woman awakens the sparkle of life-giving energy in her womb,

she accesses memory of her ORIGINAL richness and radiant abundance.

This is the Sacred Art of Creation

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You will receive by e-mail a document with all the details on how to prepare for the evening including the complete guide to the Art of Yoni Steam (download). The Womb Activation Blend of organic herbs for your ritual will be directly deliver to you by post! 


For any questions or additional information you can reach us here

Claire d'eau: or Marina:


We are so grateful to share this sacred moment with you!

Much love,

Claire D'eau and Marina

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